Our three key pillars — Consulting, Sales, and Investment — are underpinned by strategic execution, leading bespoke teams of specialists from across the WPP agency network to deliver all solutions recommended by our consulting, sales and investment work.


Our Consulting team designs and implements strategies to drive revenue for rightsholders. We do this through a full range of services across data, digital and content development to better understand their audience, and create more relevant ways to engage with them.

This helps our rightsholder partners develop new ways to grow revenue, connect with communities of fans and followers, and create more valuable brand partnership opportunities.


Our Sales team represents rightsholders to the world’s brands through an audience, content and data-led approach, within and beyond the WPP network.

This allows ESP Properties to better navigate any brand’s decision-making process, and create more enduring partnerships.


Our Investment team deploys capital in partnership with investors including GroupM Entertainment, Bruin Sports Capital, and WPP.

We are actively engaged in evaluating opportunities to co-invest with our rightsholder partners in content and distribution initiatives.